Fueled by data. Enhanced with technology.
Driven by people committed to excellence.

Deal Sourcing

We work to ensure only curated,
pre-vetted investment–grade opportunities
are made available to Investors.

BullsBridge’s team of experienced professionals have, collectively, spent decades developing a network of longstanding industry relationships. Our network provides us access to a unique pipeline of investment-grade transactions. Investors can now leverage this network through the BullsBridge Platform.


Leading companies in real estate are working with BullsBridge to transform real estate investing.

We collaborate with experienced Sponsors who have proven track records. BullsBridge provides Sponsors with the tools to fuel growth, by efficiently funding investments and assisting Sponsors in more effectively managing their capital base. We assist in managing the various key hurdles of raising capital so Sponsors can focus on what they do best: sourcing, operating, and creating value at the project level to maximize an investment’s potential.

Due Diligence & Deal Structuring

Identifying key drivers
and risks of return.

Our due diligence is rigorous and focused on stress testing offering fundamentals. We validate assumptions, work to verify that the structure can provide downside protection, and endeavor to ensure the interests of participants are aligned. Only once a deal has been vetted and approved by the BullsBridge Investment Committee is it then presented on the Platform.

  • Weigh value creation opportunities against downside risk
  • Conduct site visits and market research
  • Rigorously stress test underwriting assumptions
  • Structure investment to provide operating and financial flexibility
  • Generate complex financial model with multiple scenario analysis
  • Review by Investment Committee
  • Develop detailed asset level business plans
  • Focus on gross dollar returns on invested equity

Alignment of Interest

Co-investment and alignment of interests.

Unlike other investment platforms, our success is tied to the long-term success of our Investors. As such, we co-invest in every deal. Our compensation and co-investment policies are designed to align interests with those of Investors and Sponsors.


Taking transparency to a new level. Access deal documents and materials, simply.

Our commitment to transparency and our investment process can provide Investors with greater leverage to draft off our work when evaluating and selecting investments.

On our Platform, we empower discerning Investors with pertinent information and insight to help facilitate informed investment decisions.

  • Due diligence reports
  • Market analysis
  • Risk assessments
  • Q&A with management teams
  • Multi-media marketing packages
  • Investment offering documents

Direct Investment

Investors choose which
projects to finance and fund.

The BullsBridge Platform harnesses technology to help break many of the inefficiencies of the traditional real estate investment model. This is a new channel for sophisticated Investors to retain discretion and gain direct access to institutional-grade investment opportunities.

We help remove the middlemen, reducing transaction costs. These savings can directly impact deal level returns.

Asset Management & Monitoring

Investors and
Sponsors receive
high-touch service
at all times.

With each investment, we work closely with real estate Sponsors to monitor performance and provide operational oversight with the goal of maximizing each deal’s potential.

We facilitate the dissemination of information and provide ongoing communication to keep you better informed of your investment’s performance and to simplify how investors receive distributions.