Features & Benefits

Co-Invest with Experts on Your Side

  • Work with a team of experienced real estate professionals. Leverage our experience for your benefit. BullsBridge invests in many of the same deals that are presented to you. Our co-investment structure is carefully designed to help align our interests with those of the Investors using of our Platform.
A Sophisticated Investment Platform

  • Our Platform leverages technology that helps to bring you deals that may interest you and, can help to minimize the complexity of executing documents and transferring funds. Our Investor dashboard is designed to assist you in monitoring performance and receiving updates.
Curated Offerings

  • Vetted, institutional quality investments across asset classes and the capital stack. Our team reviews every deal made available on our platform and performs rigorous diligence on all Sponsors.
Informed Decision Making

  • We help to empower Investors using our Platform by providing them with in-depth analytical data that goes beyond common industry standards. We can help simplify the investment selection process - providing clarity and reducing clutter.

  • We work to provide a granular level of transparency. The BullsBridge Platform is designed to help facilitate more informed investment decisions.

  • Your capital can be put to work on your schedule. You retain discretion over all investment decisions. We provide information and a support structure designed to aid you in investing with confidence in deals that may meet your investment criteria.
Nationwide Network of Partners

  • Our extensive network of contacts and operating partners provide relationship-driven deal flow and local market knowledge.
Lower Fees

  • Fees cannibalize returns. By changing the way Investors access and participate in investments, BullsBridge helps to facilitate a reduction of many fees that are often charged to Investors.

How It Works

Smart, Streamlined, Seamless.

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Built for You

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Resources, and Support.

The BullsBridge Platform is specifically designed to meet the unique requirements of discerning Investors, from Individuals to Institutions.

  • High Net Worth Individuals
  • Family Offices
  • Discretionary Investment Firms
  • Investment Advisory Firms
  • Capital Intermediaries

Investment Principles & Focus

Helping Investors achieve their goal of long-term wealth creation by actively managing capital, business risk, and financial risk.

Key Investing Principles

  • Fact-Based Risk Analysis
  • Preservation of Capital
  • Long-Term Focus
  • Value Creation
  • Alignment of Interests
  • Disciplined Investment

Typical Investment Criteria

  • Downside Protection
  • Multiple Exit Strategies
  • Value-Enhancement
  • Conservative Capital Structure
  • Alignment with Partners